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  1. i like very much the heroes of might and magic
    over the years it had evolved very much and i like it evolution.
    i think that if this game will be ported to VR then it will be like inside the movie the hobbit or the lord of the rings Directed by: Peter Jackson
  2. Titan fall or MechWarrior need VR port. Fun to controll those damm Titan and Mech.
  3. Shooting games like Call of Duty series and Battlefield... It would make them hard and more fun to play!
  4. I second MechWarrior it would be really awesome my other recommendation would be Warhammer: Vermintide. Couple days ago we've talked about this with my mates how awesome would be Vermintide in VR, would increase the immersion by a lot!
  5. flight simulator
  6. They should port the Greats over to VR. COD, Assassins Creed, Minecraft, Resident Evil, Gears of War, GTA, and all the great games out there!
  7. Counterstrike. Still love this series, started with Counter-strike source and now play both Source and Global offensive. VR needs a fps series, and Counterstrike would be a great series to port. One, due to its huge multiplayer fanbase, and two it's exciting gameplay, even after hours and hours of playtime. And for what its worth, Source isn't very resource hungry, and would probably run better in VR than other games.
  8. The Mmorpg imo is worth it. Fantasy + vr = the ultimate experience. I'm talking about world of Warcraft :)
  9. MechWarrior series
  10. I want a good rpg. So RA C&C or SC.

    Also. Having no VR device i have no need of the prize.
  11. Mechwarrior. The slow movement and being in a cockpit makes it ideals for VR
  12. Alien Isolation and Dead Space VR Versions. That would put some feces in some peoples underwear..
  13. i really would like to play start craft 2 and enjoy all that battles between zerg protoss and terran
  14. Contra would be awesome from a FPS point of views with all the crazy guns.
  15. I too agree with the Mechwarrior suggestion, that is an awesome series. I would also like to see an RTS or Turn-based game come to VR, like Civilization, XCOM, Endless ______, etc.
  16. Classics like Wizardry and Ultima 4
  17. Ow, how would dungeon keeper play as a VR title?
  18. Don't do much in the multi-player world, but I have to side with GreatMaster... I am a long time Heroes of Might and Magic fan (Heroes II through VII).
  19. Unreal Tournament VR
    This works the great for Unreal Tournament Five/V with VR setting this franchise up for the perfect name in the cross over!
  20. Someone mentioned it before but World of warcraft would be amazing in VR if not very confusing. Still would need 3rd person view, but to be able to walk through the world (of warcraft) would be amazing.

    Also league of legends. Im picturing more of the movie viewing experience but when you look to the side you see a 3d map of the game. maybe your character full size standing to the other side?
  21. RTS games like C&C and the Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator series.
  22. Overwatch!
  23. Guild Wars 2 or/and FF XIV
  24. I would love to see Hearthstone in VR. Sitting down at a table across from your opponent and having the cards come to life.
  25. I have to agree that the mechwarrior games see optimal for VR. You're seated in a moving construct so the various problems with vertigo/nausea should be lessened by movement in VR.
  26. Portal would be cool I think. Need more! (heck could already be one for VR as I have not checked.
  27. The old Wing Commander series, the low graphics make it well suited for current gen VR rigs, and the fact it is a seated cockpit experience makes it work really well I would think. :)
  28. Definitely Star Wars Lego games
    -Clone wars
    -full series
  29. No Mans Sky would have made for a great multiplayer VR game. However it fell very short of a game at all.
  30. I think Worms3D would only make sense in VR. In VR it is much more fun to hold a huge big bazooka or throw a sheep. You could better guess the distance. Also Worms involves only little movement and therefor less nausea. So I hope Team17 will work on WormsVR anytime soon.
  31. Too Easy: TRON 2.0

    Old_Newbie remembers playing TRON 2.0 on PC. It was one of the first multiplayer PC games I was able to play over the internet with my brother.

    I think TRON 2.0 would be a perfect VR port; not only in a VR multiplayer co-op story mode, but also as a bunch of mini-game VR challenges from our favorite TRON "Games of the Grid": light cycles, disc throwing, tank battles, etc. My imagination is running wild with how well these could work in VR. Did I mention Light cycles?

    Current VR capability would be able to handle this perfectly with Vive controllers, as well as the new Touch controllers (Just imagine grabbing, throwing, and blocking with your information disc). The graphical detail wouldn't have to be all that complex to represent "the Grid" either, ensuring easily attained smooth frame rates for uninterrupted presence.

    This would be a porting opportunity goldmine. Just my $.02

    VR Light Cycles!.. just in case you missed it.
  32. "What multiplayer franchise needs to be ported to VR?"

    I think the multiplayer game I'd be most likely to play in VR is World of Warcraft. It's really the only multiplayer game I play still. The model design is low poly enough that they should be able to hit the frame rate requirements for comfortable VR. If Blizzard ever adds Vive support I'll definitely give it a go =)
  33. What multiplayer franchise needs to be ported over to VR?

    MechWarrior or WORS world of war ships
  34. Blizzard's Overwatch. It would be great to play the fast paced shooter with VR.
  35. Not really into VR exactly, but one thing that would probably make me interested in looking into it, would be if Skyrim or the Far Cry series was implemented into VR. Although Skyrim doesn't have a Multiplayer installation, just a mod, it would make it so much fun to play Skyrim in VR, and Far Cry being similar game-wise (Exploration and killing enemies) then it would be an insane amount of fun, especially on the hardest settings.

    And with Ultra graphics on both of these games, even if the VR was in 2K or 4K, it would make it even more insane if your GPU lives up to the standards of that.
  36. Honestly not sure if it would even be possible, or if it would cause countless episodes of people throwing up, but the Portal Franchise would be nice to have on VR.
  37. Absolutely impossible until Nintendo joins the VR race but I would love to see smash bros in VR. Combat and movement might be tricky to implement but a guy can dream.

    Pokemon Stadium in VR would be bloody incredible too, let's be honest.
  38. I think the Total War franchise would be a fantastic VR port. Think about sitting on the battlefield as a general and organizing the battle from horseback in VR! If they can code gesture controls which will allow arm signals to issue all the basic commands I believe it can be a very successful port.

    BTW Toms, I do not need the prize as I do not have VR and will not get it anytime soon.
  39. I think something like World of Tanks would be fantastic, or a vehicles-only version of Battlefield.
  40. I think Unreal Tournament would be great in VR.
  41. I would like to see War Thunder and World of Warcraft would be the two I would like to see. I would love sim battles on WT in VR
  42. I'd love to see VR added to Guild Wars 2. Adventuring across a huge world with your friends in that fashion would be a blast! Personally I think all MMOs should have a VR option.
  43. I would enjoy seeing MechWarrior Online and 7 Days to Die having VR support.
  44. Evolve - Be the monster in VR!
    Left4Dead - There needs to be more multiplayer co-op
  45. Descent or Descent Freespace. Just don't eat anything before playing in VR :-) Actually, what I would really like to see in VR would be a Star Trek game, where multiple people play the role of the original cast on the bridge or the Enterprise, in VR, and go on missions. That would be awesome. I don't know if there ever was a multiplayer game like that, though.
  46. Assassin's Creed. Think of the in-game Animus system, reliving a memory inside the game's virtual reality machine. VR inside VR. That's something to blow your mind.
  47. Going old school: Warlords
    New school: Fallout
  48. overwatch
  49. Total Annihilation. (But portal would be cool too)
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