Memory and Disk maxed out with only one application runnning

I have 8GB of RAM and a 1TB hard drive. Despite only having chrome and task manager open, the RAM and Disk usage are both maxed out. This problem has only started after upgrading to windows 10.
Here is a screen shot of the task manager -->

Pls help. My screen keeps freezing and doing the simplest things like managing multiple tabs in chrome takes an age.
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    update drivers, they can be the cause of memory leaks

    In the performance tab of task manager, click on "Open resource monitor" at bottom of screen, open the memory & HDD tab in the next pop up, and see if it shows what is using either

    can also download process explorer - its an op version of task manager:

    this explains what it does and what colours mean - link at bottom of page shows how to use it to find memory leaks:
    if you open it, click on the header marked process twice and it puts it in tree view, this will show you the order of the processes and show which is using most.
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