Weird Blurry/Pixelated screen.

So i reinstalled windows 10 on my laptop.
I have 2 monitors connected to my pc, 1 via DVI-D port and the other via HDMI.
So after i installed the LAN Driver so i can get access to the internet, normally like every person (SHOULD?) is to download the graphics driver.
I have an optimus to i need to install the Intel Graphics driver (5500) first.
But after i install the driver my second monitor (HDMI) gets all blurry and fuzzy and disgusting to watch.
I've tried all settings within the Intel Panel, and in windows.
And im 100% sure that is the driver problem because EVERYTIME when i uninstall the driver my screen gets normal and clear to see again.
I've even downloaded windows 7 ultimate to see if it was windows 10 problem, but it wasnt.
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    what model laptop do you have? what is other card you have in laptop or does it just run off the intel igpu?

    Win 10 a bit better at recognising hardware than 7 was and actively looks for drivers at install to put on PC so it might have better drivers than what you downloaded.
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