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  1. Simple. I am a Robocraft veteran and have logged 300+ hours (have now quit due to the devs turning it into garbage, but hey, I still think of it as my favourite game of all time and I hope it will recover), anyway, back in February, I was playing with my best robot in an arena battle, and it's an smg insect walker that is equipt with thrusters and skiis, so as to be able to travel very quickly and then gain the upper hand due to the mobility of insect legs. Anyway, I was playing with a few friends and I saw the most perfect opportunity ever. The enemy had a helicopter gunship that was basically a big square with a helicopter blade on each corner and the underside was bristling with smgs. It was being a pain, so we decided to take it out. At the time, it was flying right next to a mountain (for any other Robocraft players, it was the mars basin map, near the outskirts) and so I got my friends to distract it while I snuck up alongside it by climbing up the cliff and walking along the top, until I was right next to it. I then proceded to jump abord and it was hilarious, I caught the guy completely off guard and started shooting his blades off, while he was trying to spin and shake me off. Needless to say, he went down a few seconds later, and I was still on top, so I just tore him apart. In the meantime, my pals were going nuts in my voice chat, laughing their socks off, and I joined in. It was such an epic moment, something so unlikely and yet so awesome that I only wish I could've recorded it, seriously, it was like something from a Bond movie. That battle is possibly my favourite memory from any videogame I have ever played.

    To anyone who is interested, I have a video of this bot in action, it's a different battle that took place a few months later, without my pals, but a friend asked me for some footage for his channel. Bear in mind, this is before energy was added, and before they fixed the cool bug I was using to make this bot so good, even though it was around for over a year, as in the fact that after insect legs jumped and landed, while holding the space bar, they where still "jumping" even after touching the ground, therefore they passed through it and let the bot sit on it's skiis. Even if you don't play the game, check it out, you might like what you see.
  2. Wildest experience for me was the battlefield one beta. Crazy having tanks roll by, planes flying overhead and people running around with flamethrowers! Can't wait for October 21, in the three years since I've built my PC, this is the game I'm most excited for. Also one of the only ones I will pay full price for...
  3. The wildest experience this year has to be the Battlefield 1 Beta. It's crazy having to choose from landships to horses. Running down players with the horse and the sword is really fun. Planes swooping down to knock out soldiers, snipers landing on top of mountains with parachutes and then creating a spawn point there, and absolutely wrecking everything when the armored train comes on. Even though people say it's the same game with a new look, its still crazy.
  4. Unfortunately I haven't had too many wild experiences this year for gaming. If I had to pick anything It would have to come from the new rumble mode of rocket league. With all the new power ups chaos and hilarity always seems to ensue. I was able to hit a 189 km/h shot from across the map with the punching glove.
  5. The wildest experience I had so far, was playing games like Path of Exile, Diablo 3, The Division, ARK with my boyfriend for the first time. Prior to this summer we have never built a computer together, or played computer games together before.

    I learned more about us through gaming, he likes crafting games (like ARK and The Forest) while I like looting games (like Path of Exile, Diablo 3). Just like in real life he loves building this from scratch, and I like buying and trying new things. We grow closer and stronger together each day. He is the guy that takes action (charging into battle), while I often notice new things (pick up items dropped).
  6. Battlefield 1 here as well, a fighter plane wanted to kill me (i was cavalry class but on foot), he passed me I barely survived, turned around looked at the sky, shot one bullet at the plane and boom, headshot killed the pilot, I couldn't believe it but this wasn't even the best part!

    Couple matches later I was adjusting the sound in the menu, closed the menu as I saw a bomber above point B, I was cavalry again this time on my horse standing at point A, shot at the plane killed the gunner, shot again killed the pilot. I was like what the hell just happened. Thank god raptr actually worked for once and recorded these moments.
  7. Last year i got into Terraria, since i am a lot more busy with work, I dont have much time to play, and with Terraria, its easy to pick up and play again in a few minutes. I have started various worlds with different characters and trying out different things, but never really got into hard mode, just on the cusp, defeating all the bosses, getitng the best pre hard mode armor/weapons, building nice places for the NPC's to live... then a couple months ago i delve into hard mode and suddenly, EVERYTHING is inadequate, hang around mobs too long and you WILL die, the wildest experience was when I had the Goblin Army invade, I have done this many times pre hard mode, but for the life of me, myself and all my NPCs died... multiple times, nothing i had was good enough and even when the event ended... they still came around to kick my ass... needless to say, i havent played that world or character again... im not as much a glutton for punishment as i used to be... fingers crossed, if i win a copy of rim world, they have a nice relaxing mode that isnt too challenging lol
  8. I'm going to throw out BF 1 Beta as well. The highly crafted sounds in that game always make it a one of a kind experience for me. I can't wait for the full release.
  9. i have tried to play the battle pirates game in facebook. i have enjoyed the wild that people are hungry to smash your base and feet. if u have some hate spech or behave badly then there is no way to survive
  10. My wildest experiences this year have come from some of the new First Person MOBAs. Battleborn and Paragon have provided me with some extremely satisfying clutch experiences. It looks like the Battleborn Devs have given up, so I've been playing Paragon non-stop and it is super fun!
  11. Quantum Break - going from a pretty good third person shooter to choppy live action episodes was pretty wild.

    Real answer - Beating Dark Souls PTDE. After getting stuck roughly half way through the game, I visited a friend who was around the same spot and we ended up beating the rest of the game while I was visiting. Then I came home and had to go through everything again to finish my game. The game is fantastic, every part of it can be considered a wild experience and finishing it was one of the most fulfilling gaming moments for me.

    Thanks for the giveaway.
  12. Wildest experience... hmmm... Well, I'd have to go with the recent Deus Ex:MD game. See, my Adam Jensen is a bit of a loose cannon. When asked to steal incriminating evidence from the Palisade Bank, my Adam didn't think "Oh, I better be quiet so no one knows", he thought "Imma knock everyone out cuz this is a no violence run".

    So, the plan was basically to systematically knock out everyone in the bank and then take my time finding the goods. Fortunately... before the proverbial poo started flying, I managed to disable the security, because robots always complicate things. Things did not go as planned when I was waiting for a guard to come around a corner. Instead, I had a cutscene of Adam clocking a poor clerk in the face full force with a guard standing directly behind her. Naturally, the guard didn't approve.

    Not being one to just quit, this started a comedic chase where Adam disappeared into the air vents and the guards started tearing the place apart trying to find the clerk-puncher. The event... THE event occurred when the guards managed to cut me off from a vent, about six of them, all in a small room. I thought to myself "okay... Adam will just cloak and walk through them" but alas the guards can feel you touch them apparently. But, rather than aim down at where I was, the guards with assault rifles begin shooting wildly all around them... in a small room... at their height...

    I made it to the vent and was surprised to find a praxis kit just laying there... who does that? It was wild.
  13. Well it's hard to chose but the fact the final released marvel ultimate alliance 2 to PC or the fun I've had with Witcher 3 and dragon age Inquisition since finally had the time to beat the first 2 finally on mass effect 3 also finally beat the first to but wildest moment would have to be the shadow broker fight in mass effect 2 and the utter articulation to upload my previous games into mass effect 3 and dragon age Inquisition .and the total utter amount of game I've missed or didn't have time to play and trying to catch up on em all.
  14. I think my wildest is yet to come. I have been a big player on Witcher 3, and have gone to work a few times a little tired( or maybe more).. But the best is when you have gone to battle about 20 times searching for the right combination and you finally get it. Of course there are the times when you are kicking yourself for getting distraction for that one second, and messing it all up.
  15. Well, The Division launched this year (finally). And it was very wild that the game wound up disappointing me so, so, soooooooo much. Other than that, it's just been the same ol' same ol'. Diablo 3 and Warframe continue to be my go to games.
  16. covertslinky said:
    Well, The Division launched this year (finally). And it was very wild that the game wound up disappointing me so, so, soooooooo much. Other than that, it's just been the same ol' same ol'. Diablo 3 and Warframe continue to be my go to games.


    Diablo 3 was a disappointment when it first came out. Remember?
  17. Ahem. World of Tanks...
    I sped around the entire map, dodging high-explosive shells and not getting hit once, making it back to my base unscathed and revealing to my team the enemy's battle plans.
  18. Either the beginning of Blood & Wine's main investigation in The Witcher 3 or discovering the true story behind my son's kidnapping in Fallout 4.
  19. When NMS released I felt like a little child at Christmas Eve... And I didn't get disappointed from it (unlike many other Players). So when I finally started it and I could explore my First Planet it was One of the best Moments ever in Video games for me.

    (All gramatical mistakes are for you personal enjoyment)
  20. One of the best experiences ive had this year was probably the release for darksouls 3. I was on holidays at the time and basically no lifed the whole game in a few days. Had some wild experiences and probably the most rage enduing time of my life
  21. i have played mad max. i liked very much the explosions and its visual graphics.
  22. If I might cheat a tiny bit.

    I got involved with some Starcraft 2 tournaments and have admined some and cast another.

    I played some good games, but that was my wildest experience in a game this year.
  23. Well that's an easy one. Zero Escape 3: Zero Time Dilemma finally came out and, if nothing else, it was certainly a wild experience. For those who played 999 and VLR I don't think it properly answers all the remaining questions in the trilogy as it was supposed to do, and honestly it was a bit of a mess, but there was a certain stretch around the middle of the game where some crazy stuff happens. Not in a "what a twist" kind of way but more of a "balls to the wall action and problem-solving" way. The game has plenty of faults that you can point to but from what I can tell pretty much everyone agrees that the middle portion was awesome.

    I'm being rather vague because it's a very story-heavy series. Those that haven't played it won't know what I'm talking about but I highly recommend checking the series out.
  24. i have finally managed some time and played battlefield 4. there was a bug at the end of a ladder where i was climbing a wall. that is, when i was climbing it i was jumping or falling somewhere and i was not able to go out from there... after a few tries, i have finally climbed the ladder and have not jumped nowhere and then i had realized that i was stuck in a game bug :)
  25. The wildest experience for me this year was probably during Battlefield 1 Beta, great game and co much madness going on at the same time. You literally have to pause yourself for a second just to understand whats going on around you. The horse experience was so fun, i cant wait till i can play it again! I almost forgot to mention those behemoth trains! Ive been a battlefield fan for quite a while now and when i heard the next game was going to be set in the past, i was terrified that they would ruin the game for me, but i guess EA really nows how to make an action pack epic BF game.
  26. My wildest experience... Hmm... had so many. I will go with ArmA 3. My friend, my brother, and I were playing wasteland on Stratis. We tasked ourselves with taking Agia Marina back from the OPFOR, we were on BLUFOR. BLUFOR are always the underdogs on my server so we were outnumbered by ammunition, vehicles, money, and soldiers. My friend set up on a hill side about 200m away from where we were heading. Me and my brother moved in quietly. If we blew our cover we would all be dead. The town was crawling with OPFOR. We got behind the gunstore where I told my brother to stay tight. I went in and blasted one guy's chest to the moon and back and then quickly turned and shot another dead with two shots. I quickly yelled "Clear!" and my brother went upstairs in the building next door. I watched out one side of the house while my brother did the other. It was quiet, very quiet, until a Strider, armored vehicle, rolled up and out hopped two OPFOR. We stayed quiet until they came out of the store. And with silence breaking me and my brother both take one guy and their lifeless bodies hit the ground. We then quietly sat upstairs until something startling happened... all we hear is a *crack* and my brother drops. I instantly yell "SNIPER!" My friend quickly scans the area looking for the hostile. He spots him and takes his time, then in the distance I hear another *crack* and my friend says "Target Neutralized." I then run to my brother's body discovering he was still breathing and that the shot hit his body armor, but still got him, luckily it missed all vitals and went clean through him. I quickly patched him up. My friend decides to come down to us to help. When he arrives a firefight breaks loose. We all get behind the stone walls of the Greek building and stay still. Then we all set up once the enemy was reloading and returned fire killing two men. The others hid inside buildings. We calmly sat still and listened until we heard footsteps. I then turned my attention towards the stairs. I see a body and instantly realize that he is OPFOR and I light him up not sparing any lead. After that another OPFOR came upstairs and the outcome was not in his favor. We waited about five minutes only to hear a vehicle cruising down the street. Men hop out and I quickly identify them. With tears of joy I said to my companions... "Weapons down, they are friendly." We told them what had happened to the torn up town and then we set up positions... we finally captured Agia Marina. That is when the reinforcements started pouring in. This act changed the tide of the whole war.

    Alt Account-FireFight9152
  27. xcom 2, Iron man playthrough having my soldier dodge a grenade
  28. Congratulations to our randomly selected winners Eldy and Atterus! Expect a PM from me shortly :)

    Our third winner (picked through the online raffle) will be contacted via e-mail. Don't worry if you didn't win this time. We have plenty of giveaways lined up for the future, and another Steam giveaway ready for later this afternoon.
  29. _Johnny5 said:
    Congratulations to our randomly selected winners Eldy and Atterus! Expect a PM from me shortly :)

    Our third winner (picked through the online raffle) will be contacted via e-mail. Don't worry if you didn't win this time. We have plenty of giveaways lined up for the future, and another Steam giveaway ready for later this afternoon.

    congratulations to all winners.

    am not seeing the new Steam giveaway mentioned yesterday in PC Gaming or Giveaway Forum. is there another link to this new giveaway?
  30. JohnBonhamsGhost said:

    am not seeing the new Steam giveaway mentioned yesterday in PC Gaming or Giveaway Forum. is there another link to this new giveaway?

    We're actually taking a break from Steam Giveaways this week, but will be posting a new one on this coming Monday.
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