Dual Monitor (DVI-D and VGA) and MSI GTX 770?

Hello Everyone,

I`ve tried to look at my issues but nothing similiar with mine. Im sorry if it actually exists, still i dont understand such as


So, could anyone help me please?

I have two monitors & GTX 770
1. Samsung syncMaster P2050 (DVI-D and VGA)

2. LG 20M37A (VGA Only)

3. GTX 770

So, i`ve tried
1. FYI my cables are all in VGA
2. Using single samsung monitor (VGA) to (DVI-D converter/adaptor) - not working
3. Using sinle samsung monitor (VGA) to (DVI-I converter/adaptor) - working
4. try implement no 3&4 for LG monitor the result are the same

since i just use old computer and old monitor, and i dont have any plan to buy a new monitor for just dual monitor,
could anyone help me how to use dual monitor for my issues?
buying DVI-D cable or buying HDMI converter to VGA/DVI-D/DVI-I will solved the problem?

looking forward for your help,
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  1. help me pls, thanks
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