PC crashes to EFI shell screen after successful boot. Happens randomly while using PC.

I have a PC (MSI mobo) that will randomly crash to an EFI screen that says it cannot find required map name. It happens randomly while the PC is running. Sometimes crashes at the desktop screen, watching youtube or playing games. I've changed sata cables/ports, checked power cable in HDD. I'm thinking maybe a PSU, mobo issue or the HDD itself, but I'm no expert by any means. Any help would be very much appreciated.
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    You need to do this:
    After I got to the BIOS it was as simple as changing the 'boot' option from "EFI boot" to "disabled"
    Anyways that's how I solved this strange problem, I hope I could help out others! (:

    other option is reset bios to defaults.

    EFI shell is part of the BIOS, so its a motherboard based problem.

    what hdd do you have as you might want to test it out as well. Its unusual for the Efi to lose the drive mapping.
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