I suck at games ever since I got my new monitor

hey guys,
I just got a Samsung S34E790C. a nice 3440x1440 ips display. there are, however, a few things wrong.
for one, I can't seem to be able to aim like I used to in games, either too far to the left or right. I also noted that some of the features on the bf4 display screen are messed up in size. I'm not sure if this is because of text scaling or what. in addition, all the colors either look over saturated or washed out.

my gpu is a gtx 1080 gaming z 8g from msi.

how come my new monitor looks worse than my old $160 acer office piece?
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    Scaling and sensitivity will be waay different on an ultrawide monitor than a conventional 16:9 display.
    You will also have to change your DPI (dots per inch), as you will be working with a different pixel count on a different sized screen compared to say 24" 1080p. Take the time to adjust your sensitivity settings accordingly.
    The big problem with ultrawide is scaling in some games, and poor support if any at all, just something you're going to have to live with in some stuff generally.
    There are ways that you can fiddle with screen scaling through windows, but I wouldn't recommend it.
    The colors are to do with your monitor. Look for reviews and forums which tell you what settings to use, calibration methods and different preset profiles you can download.
    Here is a place to start:
    Going to sleep now, but i'll get back to you tomorrow if need be. ;)
  2. Which connection are you using? I would use a DisplayPort cable for the connection over HDMI. Also there should be some preset color/contrast configurations which should make it look better but you might need to manually adjust the settings to find the best fit for your needs. There is also Game Mode which should make the color/contrast look better in BF4. And if your turning too quick then you might want to adjust the mouse speed in BF4 settings. Tweaking the color of the HUD in BF4 may help as well.
  3. I don't know what you mean my ''Display screen in BF4 is messed up'' but I assume you mean your HUD, that can be moved/changed on your display if that's what you mean, shouldn't be a problem. Have you tried calibrating(changing) the colors of your display? Some need to be calibrated before they look good. I have the feeling aiming is just something to get used to on a 21:9 display.
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