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  1. I would play GTA V, Battlefield 4 and Skyrim!
  2. Since little else remains, it would sadly need to be single player games... :-(

    My choices would be Skyrim, Anno 1404 (can play this for years on end), and I would still be willing to play Dota 2 vs bots, lol!
  3. I would start out by playing Minecraft (with my custom modpack naturally), with some GTA V thrown in. Since it could be decades, I would probably end up doing everything possible in GTA V. Lastly, Fallout 4, because it could hold some useful facts regarding the nuclear wasteland outside (I said some, maybe the aliens are a bit far fetched). In order to be able to do this through, I need to win this giveaway, so please consider that you might be helping to save my life if the nuclear apocalypse comes to pass. :)
  4. Like @HyperCat said, it needs to be a game where I can either play a well-defined single-player campaign, or I at least have a reasonable option for "multiplayer" against AI bots. But, since we're talking post-apocalyptic, that means I also need independence from online servers, so I can't rely on any games that require an "always-on" Internet connection (even for single-player mode). That leaves me....
    -- StarCraft Brood War (unfortunately not StarCraft II), RTS selection: I technically get six campaigns out of it (1 each of Terran, Protoss & Zerg for "vanilla" & the Brood War expansion), plus the ability to play on a huge slew of maps where I can have 3, 4, 5, or even up to 7 AIs in combat (although I'd probably have to either ally with a couple or set it so that none of the AIs will work together).
    -- Halo CE, FPS selection: The game has one of the longest single-player campaigns that I've ever played. Which makes sense, since you're literally traveling from orbit to the Halo surface, back up to a Covenant ship, back down to the Halo, & then traveling through the Halo just about all the way around. I've actually finished the campaign maybe twice, so there's definitely some long hours of playtime available.
    -- X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter, combat flight sim selection: decent campaigns, plus a lot of flexibility in setting up "quick combat" missions for fun against AI pilots. Plus, you're flying X-Wings (and Y-, B- & A-Wings), & TIE Fighters (plus Bombers & Interceptors, as well as Assault Shuttles).
  5. Probably an RPG like The Witcher, a puzzle-game like The Talos Pinciple and lastly a party-game, like the recent Overcooked, I hope we aren't the only one stuck in that vault.
  6. I would have to say the Witcher 3 and Fallout 4 would be able to consume a large amount of time but seeing as how we are talking years I'd have to throw Minecraft in there because sooner or later you would run out of things to do in the first 2.
  7. Having only three games for a long time, you'd need:
    A decent timewaster game e.g. Peggle
    Something procedurally generated such as Rogue Legacy
    And something reasonably challenging like Dark Souls
  8. ES Oblivion (GOY Edition) - to me, feels like there is more variability in character development (an less limiting) than Skyrim, so the experience may last longer.

    Civilization 3 - May help in rebuilding a great civilization in the new wasteland!

    Madden (latest version before nuclear winter) - All personal here as every fall I inevitably get an itch to start my own franchise from scratch and dominate the NFL. The version doesn't really matter as long as its relatively current (no later than 2014).
  9. Well, by then, I would hope that 'The Forest' has at least made it to beta stage of development by then. Who wouldn't want to build forts in a beautiful forest sandbox with cuddly rabbits and squirrels?

    'No Man's Sky' would be fully patched by then and offer quintillions? of worlds and infinite possibilities. It's so chill, I imagine it would help take the edge off.

    I'm going to take a leap of faith here and believe that Dark Souls 3's yet to be released DLC will fix some or all of my gripes with the game, so that'll round out the 3rd and final. The combat offers multiple paths from cool and calculated, to rushing in with hands down and chin up, giving the player variety in weapons and tactics.
  10. Minesweeper. Brush up on mah skills so after the apocalypse I don't step on a trap and die.

    You Don't Know Jack. Keep informed so I can educate post-apocalypse generations on stupid pieces of knowledge that don't mean anything.

    Kerbal Space Program. In case the earth becomes uninhabitable.
  11. I) Something that may take some time, maybe No Man's Sky. Have been into it for the past week and I like the idea of never being able to actually explore it in it 's entirety.

    II) Diablo II.

    III) I want to add an action/shooter/something more violent but it's a hard choice. I'd have to say Crysis. It's the only game of that type that I've played through many times and still get the urge to go back at least once a year.

    like most of these prompts _Johnny5 has given us it's a hard choice, makes my brain "short circuit". i would sorely miss so many others.
  12. Would probably go with XCOM2, Dark Souls 3 and then Fallout 4. All games with lots of replay value, and also kinda representing different types of gameplay, some turn-based over here, some fighting over there and finally some shooting everywhere.
  13. Only three games? :(

    I) The last Civilization, if it happens right now it would be Civ V with all the DLCs. By 2077 it will probably be something like Civ XII. I hope they have developed some good AI by then.

    II) Diablo II, it's always good to hack'n slash.

    III) Cities: Skylines, after all we'll need to build some new cities.
  14. DOOM - Skyrim - Need for Speed (piff-paff, slash-chop chop & drive)
  15. Civ 5, Crusader king 2, minesweeper
  16. 1. Witcher 3
    2. Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne
    3. Streets of Rage 2
  17. No internet in the post-apocalyptic future? What a terrible fate!

    My choice of three offline games
    - Borderlands 2
    - Roller Coaster Tycoon
    - Spider Solitaire (because even quantum computers running Windows will still have card games)
  18. I'm not going to lie, this isn't an easy choice

    - Sims 3 (don't laugh) ; would be great to vent my post-apocalyptic frustrations on my virtual survivors >:)
    - Starcraft 2 ; because I've been playing starcraft for almost two decades now and I don't see that changing soon.
    - No Man's Sky ; I'm pretty sure I won't discover the entire universe before someone discovers me. If so I'll just ignite another family on Sims 3.
  19. 1) Civ V
    2) Terraria
    3) Mount and Blade: Warband

    (If this question were asked years ago it would have been minecraft, dont know why but I dumped very many hours into it)
  20. I'd play:
    1) The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt
    2) GTA V
    And if I'm done with these I'll go to No Man's Sky cuz no nuclear fallout can last as long as it would take to explore 18 quintillion planets ;D.
  21. My 3 choices are:
    - Civilization V (Playing marathon should take a large chunk of time)
    - Clicker Heroes (That game is strangely addicting)
    - Minecraft/Terraria (Infinite possibilities)

    Just a question though, how advanced is VR/AR in the year 2077? I would guess that by then it would be full immersion and either like a holo-deck (star trek) or the NerveGear (SAO). If that is the case, my revised VR list would be:
    - The Sims
    - Minecraft
    - Garry's Mod
  22. Fallout 4
    No Man's Sky
    and probably a fun racer, something I can hop on and have a quick game with.....change gears and go with Burnout: Paradise. Love that game. :)
  23. 1) super mario..... given that it consumer little energy then it will last forever :)
    2)Ms Pac-Man to beat my best score
    3) Duck Hunt... i still have not killed all ducks :(
    extra game:
    4)while i was a kid i was playing so much the tetris game, that i still would like to continue to play it till my last day with some electrical energy ;)
  24. Mine would be Dishonored 2, Fallout 4, and Call of Duty World at War. Fallout is obvious, the open world aspect of it would take a long time to get boring, especially considering how many ways there are to play the game. The same theme continues for Dishonored 2 (even though it hasn't been released yet), where the appeal comes from the various ways to play through the game. And I feel like World at War would be an unpopular opinion, but I would just play custom maps. I would play every map ever made and then start making my own for the fun of it. (And if Dishonored 2 doesn't count, my third choice would be Minecraft. It's a game based solely on the imagination of the player, which would be crucial.)
  25. It's 2077? :D
    1) I bet there'd be an amazing Go engine by then! Otherwise I'd just default to chess with the gull chess engine.
    2) Dwarf fortress
    3) the latest Civilization game


    3 games is nowhere near enough.
  26. It's 2077 I will be 95 so gg.
    At that time I may could only play Chess, Terris, Pac-man.
    I think 2017 Fallout 3 games will be : Witcher 3, Chrono Trigger, Quake 3 Arena.
    Some how I could play Quake 3 with bot to kill time.

    But quantum gaming computer in 2077 :D I should play
    Final Fantasy XXI (10 years for one FF game)
    Witcher Remake with all Geralt's tale in 2077 tech
    BattleField ( an 2077 Battlefield )
  27. A game that has a lot of character interaction so I don't feel so alone: Elder Scrolls IV GOTY Edition or Fallout 3NV/4

    A game to express creativity and that is procedurally generated: Starbound or No Man's Sky

    A game with strategy: StarCraft II (Since I didn't win the Ashes of the Singularity contest!)
  28. I'd play
    * FO X-2
    * FO X-1
    * FO X
    While X is the latest Fallout game version for year 2077.
    * No advancement in AI.
    * Development of FO games takes about 6 years in order to keep quality.
    Then X = 14. (Calculated 2015 + 6*10)
  29. 1) Donkey Kong Country
    2) GTA 5
    3) StarCraft: Brood War
  30. Definitely The Witcher 3 would be included for being both a great game and a huge open world that you could spend so much time exploring. Then maybe Skyrim because of the same huge open world even though it's not my favorite game.
  31. well since is 2077, i'd plug my brain into the fancy quantum pc and load up something like gta 15, witcher 12 or something old school like bf1-remastered edition.
  32. The three games I would be play while waiting for the nuclear fallout to blow over is Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, and Fallout 4.
  33. 3 Games?
    Fallout 4, Fallout New Vegas... just to remember the oldies(It's 2077 for Nuka Cola's sake) and the new Fallout 7, featuring by the first time what the heck happened on Europe.
  34. Top Nukalogic titles:

    Nightstalker: Call of Pipyat
    Irradiated Blood Money
    Metro 2077
  35. I'll go with Diablo III (cause it'll finally be patched to play offline by then), Ark Survival Evolved and Galaga.
  36. 2077 huh? Well hopefully we have fantastic Matrix quality VR simulations by then to enjoy, but assuming we're talking about games that exist now, I'll go with

    Terraria, never seem to get tired of that
    Civ 4, also never seem to get tired of that
    Skyrim, but we'll see, perhaps if I win this Fallout 4 copy, my answer may change......
  37. Only 3 games to choose from? It'll be tough to narrow down. I may be only survivor with a working pc and it would make online only games unplayable. Therefore, I'd likely play the following:

    1. The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt and associated DLC
    2. Dishonored 2
    3. XCOM 2
  38. Since I would have a while I think that No Mans Sky is an appropriate game with plenty to explore!!!
  39. 1) Fallout: New Vegas
    2) Civilization V
    3) X-COM
  40. Very hard to pick just three, I tend to jump all over the place between games.

    Witcher 3, GTA5 and rainbow six siege.
  41. The games I will play are:

    #1: Half live 3
    #2: GTA 12
    #3: COD 67
  42. 1. donkey kong
    2. heroes of might and magic all series, i have playe this game with the AI and with friends, but never completed the campaign. so, i would complete the campaigns :)
    3. all wolfestein game series
  43. Well internet is gone so that is a tragedy. That limits the games. And I would have to hope they are still compatible...but...The three games I would take!

    1. Might and Magic Series, at least 7 or 8 if only one is allowed. (toss up, great rpg that can be played many times, this might even take spot two to take the other)
    2. Sim City...i also don't know which one... (creation, lemmings and endlessness..Lemmings..hmmm)
    3. Skyrim with every mod DL
  44. 1 Hearts of iron 4
    2 Wargame Red dragon
    3 Just cause 3
  45. - GTA 5
    - Minecraft
    - Half Life 2
  46. - Far Cry 4
    - Skyrim W/ Mods
    - GTA 5
  47. Considering the possibility that everyone else is dead it rules out online multiplayer that you can play thousands of hours (like csgo dota lol)
    I would chose
    1. Skyrim (with mods preferably)
    2. Borderlands (any part of the franchise except for the tale tale ones)
    3. Mass effect (I consider the trilogy as one whole game don't know if that's allowed but if not i would select mass effect 2 )
  48. I would play :

    - Path of Exile
    - GTA 5
    - Final Fantasy 45
  49. 1) GTA 5
    2) Civilization V
    3) DOOM
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