Sound stuck in speaker output on stereo since installing driver/software for gaming headset

Hello Tech Wizards!

I'm having a very peculiar and somewhat complex issue with my sound on my win10 desktop. (Apologies if the Windows 10 board is not the correct place to post this issue, I didn't see a forum category for sound issues).

I'll start by laying out my set-up in case any of this is pertinent to the issue.

First up: Desktop Specs
Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
Intel Core i5 4670K
MSI Z87-GD65 motherboard link
MSI-nVidia GTX 770 2GB
2x8GB DDR3 @ 1600MHz Kingston Hyper-X RAM

Next: Sound devices prior to issue (and the devices I'd like to revert to)
Logitech Z506 5.1 Speakers link
Logitech G930 headset link

Lastly: The evil headset that broke it all
Razer Kraken USB link

Before the issue, I used the z506 speakers as my main sound output, and the G930 headset as an alternative. RealTek HD Audio Manager is what I've got to manage my sound outputs. My friend bought a Razer Kraken headset, and could not get it to work on his PC at all, so he asked me try it on mine to see if the problem his computer or the headset itself.

I plugged in the headset, the driver installed and I had to update my Razer Synapse program in order to get the headset to work. The update installed, then prompted me to reboot to complete the installation.

After that reboot, my surround sound no longer works. My computer will only output sound through the z506 speakers, and only in stereo mode despite RealTek detecting all 5.1 speakers. I can no longer play sound through either headset. In addition to this, when I plug in the USB receiver for my G930 headset, RealTek gets stuck in a loop of 'Reloading Audio Devices' over and over every 2 seconds, and my device manager refreshes at about the same rate when open.

So far, I've tried disabling the Razer Kraken in playback devices as well as uninstalling it's driver, and testing my sound with the Razer Synapse program closed. (Also tried 'turning it off and on again', thanks to my desktop technician training.) None of this changes anything, I'm still stuck with stereo sound on a single audio output.

At this point, I'm unsure what else I can do to correct this issue, and any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    Razer software is dangerous. Uninstall synapse unless you need it.

    in device manager, what shows up under sound, video and game controllers
    try changing view to show hidden devices, if kraken is in there, right click its name, properties, drivers, uninstall

    try running the Playing audio troubleshooter. Hardware & devices is useful too
    find them by searching cortana for troubleshoot
    choose the control panel offer
    in next window, click view all and both I mentioned are in the list.
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