Help Picking Monitor/TV for new Rig with GTX 1080 Founders ed

Hi everyone, so I have built a new rig and just want to experience 4K. I play mmorpg's for the most part and things like Skyrim, Witcher 3, Rise of the Tomb raider.

I have an i7 6700K, 16 GB Ram, and of course the GTX 1080 founders. I currently play on a 42" 1080p Samsung TV, and have done so for years with no problems. I really don't want to go much smaller than 42" and the big size of the screen isn't really an issue with distance.

I have read some posts of people saying different things regarding how things look tiny at 4K, not sure if this is happening for people on TV or monitors. I really don't play shooters.

Would I be ok with a 4k TV or should I really switch to a monitor? I am not crazy about going down in size from 42" and large monitors are out of my price range.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.
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    When it comes to screen size, distance, budget and personal preference weigh heavily. As the native screen resolution increases, the DPI increases so things do indeed appear smaller and you can fit more content on the screen. It adds detail but it can make text appear smaller depending on the scaling. I went 4k when I bought a TV last year - there is definitely a difference in detail but it isn't as dramatic a difference as going from 1080i to 1080p.

    If you can, I would "try before I buy" on a couple of different display options with a demo at a local brick and mortar.
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