Which of these 2 monitors would be better as the gaming monitor??

Hey guys, need your opinion. Recently purchased a used monitor to run a duel set up.

I have 2 monitors now, I am wondering which one I should make as my main monitor/gaming monitor:

Monitor 1) BenQ FP241VW
1920 x 1200 Resolution
16.7 million Colors
500 cd/m2 advertised brightness
1000:1 advertised
6ms GTG

Monitor 2) SAMSUNG 2343BWX
2048 x 1152 Resolution
16.7 Million Colors
300 cd/m2
DC 20000:1 (1000:1)? - Is it 20000 or 1000? I don't know both are listed, then on the back of monitor is says 50000:1???

Debating between bigger screen size or better contrast and resolution.

Which one is better for gaming?
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    DC is dynamic contrast which is just marketing trying to hype it up. 1000:1 static contrast is just what all monitors list even if they can't even do it. Just put them next to each other and see which is better. But I'd go widescreen.
  2. Hmm so is there a way to tell by specs which one has better contrast ratio?
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