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  1. I think everyone can agree that Half-Life is the most deserving series for a reboot (or a sequel).
  2. The Command & Conquer series needs a reboot, series went very down hill on their last releases and the Command & Conquer Alpha was terrible (glad they canceled it (free 2 play, pay 2 win model in a RTS.. seriously?). Needs to go back to the classic RTS days.
  3. Thief! Seriously one of my favorite game series growing up! And the latest Thief game from a couple of years ago was just a joke. Need a serious reboot of this game!
  4. Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri. After the insult that was Civilization: Beyond Earth we demand that they do it again and do it right this time.
  5. System Shock. The game itself is a classic, and I think updated graphics and mechanics would do alot for it like the recent Deus Ex games (minus the Fall... we don't talk about the Fall...). Nothing wrong with the originals (like Deus Ex), but an update would make the game a whole new beast like Bethesda managed with Doom. Speaking of which, there actually is a reboot that was kickstarted recently after I thought of System Shock so I imagine that warrants some points :P

    If I have to choose one that doesn't already have a reboot being made I'd have to go with Rogue Squadron. There are plenty of games I think that can be given great sequels, but those I don't think are really reboots (no offense to anyone, just pointing out that KotOR can't really be "rebooted" because the "reboot" at this point would be more of a sequel). The original Rogue Squadron games sucked my friends and I in for hours, and the last one made started trying to get some ground mechanics in which for the time was mind blowing.

    Going beyond Star Wars, just the thought of being in a game with modern graphics and mechanics where you could go from stomping around in an AT-ST to flying a stolen TIE fighter into space in seconds sounds like a blast. Imagine something like Star Wars: Just Cause with some obvious balancing/mechanic changes and I think that would make a great reboot. Here's hoping to EA *not* messing up the games...
  6. I never played much of this game but from what I have played MedEvil would be awesome if it was rebooted. Also I think that if Starwars battlefront (the first and second ones) had a "reboot" that would be cool. But if Banjo and Kazooie for the n64 had a reboot that would be awesome to relive on newer systems. Also if the older crash bandicoot and older spyro games got a reboot that would be awesome. But a wolfistein reboot would be pretty epic.
  7. I am a fan of space flight games. Freespace 1& 2 were great stories, and I'd love to see more story, or reboot it to amazing new graphics.
  8. full throttle (and I hear it's getting remastered, thank you double fine!!). I've always been a fan of the older Lucas arts games and it's a great treat to replay them remastered.

    Thanks for the opportunity.
  9. Given the huge success of Doom's Reboot I think it could be great to see a well deserved Heretic reboot at this moment.
  10. I think that a new and improved "spore" could be really cool, I played the game a LONG time ago, and I have seen that a mobile version exists, but I found it dull, I think with the advances in processing power we have made, it ought to be possible to simulate entire ecosystems now, and add huge parts to the game that were lacking before, like more interaction possibilities and terrain variation. Also, I think that the space section of the game could also be improved, perhaps adding comets, space battles and the possibility to create armadas.
  11. A new Warcraft strategy game would be great for PC, on Consoles hmmm not a reboot but a sequel to MAG would be appreciated. Such an underrated game.
  12. _Johnny5 said:
    What PC or console series is most deserving of a reboot?

    Siphon Filter.
  13. Warcraft 4 coming soon (tm)?
  14. I'd like to see a reboot of Star Control II.

    Mass Effect had a lot of elements similar to Star Control II but I'd like the game to be more open like the new space games coming out (No Man Sky, Star Citizen, etc)
  15. Half-Life series deserves a reboot. Its what I grew up playing!
  16. Neighbors from Hell
  17. wow, that's a difficult question. a total reboot VS a new sequel? i really don't think i could truthfully give a single answer.

    i'd love to see the line of Ultima games come back with up to date visuals and gameplay,
    Knights of the Old Republic,
    Starforce Gemini,
    Skate or Die,
    Legacy of Kain,
    Raven Shield,
    Law of the West,
    Seiken Densetsu,
    there's too many...
  18. heroes of might and magic 3
  19. Ogre battle 64 anyone?
  20. Command & Conquer Red Alert 2
  21. giogi said:
    Command & Conquer Red Alert 2

    :rofl: I like your style.
  22. Age of Empires
  23. Console : Chrono Trigger + Chrono Cross
    PC: Diablo :D
  24. Probably Shadow Hearts.
  25. Ultima Underworld
  26. Starfox!
  27. Command & Conquer and Age of Empires need a reboot or return.
  28. Half-Life definitely deserves a reboot or to make some sort of comeback... I mean come on who didn't like the Half-Life series?
  29. I highly agree that the Command and Conquer Generals series needs a REBOOT. I still play Zero Hour to this day, there is nothing quite like it.
  30. super tecmo bowl is what we need more of in this world!!!

  31. Snipergod87 said:
    The Command & Conquer series needs a reboot, series went very down hill on their last releases and the Command & Conquer Alpha was terrible (glad they canceled it (free 2 play, pay 2 win model in a RTS.. seriously?). Needs to go back to the classic RTS days.

    I'm waiting for another Red Alert.
  32. I want another Age of Empires, the AoE2 HD edition isn't cutting it for me.
  33. Mario, Alien Rampage ( , maybe you guys don't know about it but the game is gr8) and Resident Evil. Just Cause series also, as well as Max Payne and Modern Warfare series (should be remastered).
  34. The Sims also maybe.. I think.. GTA vice city and san andreas with realistic graphics but same story and "homies!" (think of new CJ!!!)
  35. AND also PRINCE OF PERSIA!!!
  36. Shenmue needs to be brought back!
  37. Sonic: The Hedgehog, Mass Effect, Silent Hill, Warcraft, and Metal Gear Solid (starting games)..
  38. Age Of Empires. Played the heck out of that game many moons ago, have the HD versions, but a full reboot would be awesome.

    Warcraft 4 also on my short list.
  39. So many come to mind!
    I guess if i only had one choice, that would be Homeworld! One of the greatest games ever! It definitely deserves a comeback!
    (Mind you that Knights of the Old Republic, Total Annihilation and Command & Conquer fought hard for the first position!! :) )

    Thank you for one more amazing giveaway! Keep it up!

    regards to everyone,
  40. Either Age of Empires or Warcraft 4
  41. I think that everyone who is anyone can agree that a reboot of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time would be absolutely phenominal! Just think of it... Seriously... I'll wait...

    Where is the lie?
  42. I am sorry, although I do agree with command and conquer! I need to say that the WWE games need a massive reboot!
    I barely watch wrestling any more :( And to fill my child's heart I usually buy the WWE 2K series of games. I mean with more and more bad ass people joining the rosters of the WWE I would be embarrassed to release a title such as wwe 2k16.

    Who can't forget 2002: WWE SmackDown! Shut Your Mouth -- We all loved throwing TV's into people's faces, admit it!

    With another few good years after that eg: 2003: WWE SmackDown! Here Comes the Pain & 2004: WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw.

    Now lets exempt WWE All Stars because that was just a title to fling at us so they could say sorry for what is about to happen.

    It hits out in 2012 with WWE '12 then upwards from that the 2K series. Its just not right, All of the movements etc ruin the game.
  43. I'd go for Goblins.
  44. I would say Saints row, but I just think that the Devs have just been smoking weed for the past 3-4 years and the games are the outcome of the weed........

    So who has weed? If thats the outcome?
  45. I would love to see the old Micropose magic the gathering game (shandalar) be rebooted but for most deserving series The command and conquer series would get my vote.
  46. The Hexen/Heretic series sorely needs a reboot.
  47. I am in :)

    Half-Life would be great, but I think its dead Jim.
  48. The matrix video games franchise
  49. There were 2 FPS I really liked...
    The Operative: No One Lives Forever - A female version of Austin Power. The games were fun, the characters were even funnier... The series were successful. Don't know why they don't continue..

    Shogo: Mobile Armor Division - FPS in Japanese style mech + able to transform to vehicle mode... It will be great to play this in nowadays game engine.
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