Help! Several BSOD Windows 10 dump files (Memory_management, system_service_exception, kmode_exception_not_handled)


I've been getting constantly freezes and BSOD in Windows 10. I used to get sudden reboots and freezes (usually with funny graphic patterns) and it appeared to me that it was due to overheating of the graphis card. So I manually increased to graphic card's fan speed, and now I don't get the sudden reboots but I get constant freezes and BSOD. I've checked the memory with memtest86, and windows memory tool and it appears to be OK.
I ran the System File Checker tool to repair corrupted files but it didn't stop the issue.

Any help is greatly appreciated! I have the DUMP files of the last 3 freezes.


Dumps Summary
Dump 1
Dump 2
Dump 3
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    Ok, I literally have no idea what to do in this case, but doing some reading in your google drive folder I can see that the cause was (based on what I read) 2 different drivers. One of them was for 2 times, and the other for once. I would recommend updating all of your drivers to see if that will help, also uninstalling drivers.
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