Booting up from Windows 10, trying to delete windows 7 off old HDD

Every time I boot up windows it gives me the option to select one of the OS installed on my HDD/SSD. The Main OS(windows 10) is on the SSD I have in the first port on the mobo but i have an old windows 7 OS still installed on one of the old HDD plugged into another port. I was wondering if there was a why to bypass this or get rid of the old windows 7 backup OS from the other drive. The only information i've been able to get from windows is deleting the Windows.old files but that's not a thing for me since it's not on that disk.
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    EasyBCD is probably your best bet. Just use it to make your SSD the default boot device and remove the other drive from the boot sequence. Then you should be able to format that hard drive.

    Good luck.
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