looking to get into a fast quality 1440p monitor

I mainly do FPS type games, I am currently playing overwatch competitive and I enjoy having the edge. I currently have the asus ASUS VG248QE that I have been using for years. I have done a ton of research and have found that modern monitors are all very similar in performance. On TFTcentral i even read that the IPS have faster processing but cannot produce the 1ms G2G. Some reviewers claim that its not a noticable difference between top end IPS and TN because the TN's sometimes have more overshoot ext. The monitors I have considered based on their performance and features are BenQ XL2730Z and the Acer Predator XB270HU. These seem to be affordable and still offer tons of options, I particularly like that the pred offers gsync as I have a gtx 1070. I really need to know from someone whos owned top end IPS and TN what I should go with to have the edge in FPS games. Thanks
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    BenQ XL2730Z

    I'm a big fan of this monitor but it's freesync which isn't a problem cause it keeps the price down. Paired with a future RX490 it would be a good deal.

    If you want GSync Acer or Asus are the way to go.
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