gta 5 error with installation on windows 10

Hello there, I bought the gta 5 today itself, after having installed all the 7 disks, it says to insert disk 1 to complete installation, it was installing direct x when suddenly it said that " Setup couldn't find a file on the specific path or disk. please check that the proper disk is inserted or specify a new path". I've installed the game twice and it continued to said that. My laptop is running on Windows 10. It has 8 GB of ram, 795 GB storage space available, core i7 and 4 GB NVIDIA. Please help..
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  1. Colif said:

    Hello, first and foremost, thanks a lot for helping me out. I've clicked on the links that you sent me and read the articles, but do you know how can I get the download link for gta 5 ( the redownload gtav as a digital copy ) ?
    Thanks again pal.
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    According to first link you get it via here: but you need to make an account first, I assume you have a registration code with cd's so may need to enter it here somewhere to prove you got game.

    There should be a page called GTAV PC Social Club Activation page, according to what link says. I don't have game myself.
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