computer freezes during shut down

Hi everyone,

Lately my pc is having troubles with shutting down.
Most of the times when I shut it down it says shutting down, after that the screen goes black (just like it normally would) but it will never go off, the fans just keep spinning.

I can turn it off by holding the power button, but i don't think it's any good for the pc to always do it like that.

The problems started since I got windows 10 and I believe since I got a ssd.

Do you guys have any suggestions?

Btw: I always shut down my pc with the power button (not in windows).
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    why do you use power button? windows won't be ready for you then and no wonder its having issues shutting down.

    try turning fast boot off as it might fix its closing down thing:

    The way win 10 shutdown works is different to win 7, it doesn't turn off when you hit shutdown, it goes into hybvred hibernate and puts half of whats open into ram and other half into hdd. If you turn it off with power button it turns off like normal but unless you turn off fast start up it won't be expecting to constantly lose half its data each time it turns off.

    I don't know if this is why pc doesn't turn off now but it wouldn't be helping.
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