My computer is only about 6 months old, but since I installed the new nvidia driver for my gpu i can no longer load up into my

Windows 10 black screen on startup
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    Where at start up, before windows loads? Do you just get bios window and then nothing?

    do you have a win 10 install DVD or USB? You can get it here: Windows 10 media creation tool We need it for a boot drive if nothing else

    create USB or DVD on another pc
    Change boot order so USB or DVD first, HDD second
    Boot installer
    on page after langauge choices, select repair this pc, not install
    Select troubleshoot
    Select advanced
    Select start up repair - this will scan pc and maybe fix boot - will ask for logon details

    if that doesn't work, boot into installer and choose repair pc again,
    Select troubleshoot,
    select advanced
    select start up options
    Select one of the 3 Safe mode types

    PC will reboot into safe mode
    right click start button
    select device manager
    select display adapter, right click your gpu
    select properties
    select driver tab
    roll back to previous driver

    restart pc and see if ti works now.
    Don't rush into getting driver again, I guess. Was it the one released on Friday?
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