Microsoft Auto-Scheduling Windows 10 Updates

Microsoft's attempts to get everyone on Windows 10 intensifies as it begins to auto-schedule PCs to upgrade to the new OS.

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  1. wow, as if we needed more reasons to hate MS... sigh
    guess im gonna be busy checking Windows Update schedule for Family/Friends who dislike the idea of Win10...
    why does MS insist on increasing the workload for people that want to keep things "simple/easy", by staying with their old stuff, and not wanting to update to "new"

    thx for teh article
  2. Hint; NoGWX, its a set and forget program that basically prevents windows from upgrading to windows 10
  3. GWX Control panel* sorry my bad
  4. open command prompt (type cmd in the start menu) and run this:
    wusa.exe /uninstall /kb:3035583

    Reboot and after that check windows update for update kb3035583.
    Hide this update so it won't install again.
    This will get rid of the annoying pop up. and MS cannot install Win10 remotely anymore!!

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