1080p video looks blurry on 4k Acer monitor

Whenever I watch a video that isn't 4k the video will look really blurry at full screen. Is this supposed to happen? And is there a way to fix it?
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  1. Well, a 4k image is 4 x 1024, yet you trying to run a 1080p image full screen, its not going to be very sharp. It gets worse the smaller the source image is, since going to 4k its reduced the number of sizes I consider reasonable to watch as anything smaller than 720p is a blur fest at full screen.

    Some tv's fight this by upscaling the image to match 4k

    the 4k we get on monitors isn't true 4k, it only 3840 by 2160 whereas it should be over 4000 by 2160 but its close enough to make any smaller image look bad.
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    Upscaling is a smaller image scaled up to a larger res. You can't fight the issue with the same issue. They just use a different algorithm to try to increase quality.

    There is no way to fix it other than watching a vid that is the same res. You can't just "enhance" like in movies and tv shows.

    True 4k vs uhd makes no difference since it's so close.
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