Screen goess off randomly while using.monitor keeps blinking.

Hi all. I recently upgraded my PC eight months back and this is the configuration.
Motherboard: ASUS M5A 78L-M
RAM:Corsair vengeance 8Gb x 1
PROCESSOR:AMD FX 4300 quad core processor 3.80ghz
HDD:500 GB
OS:Windows 8.1 64bit
The PC was running fine but since the past one month I have been encountering various display related issues.
While using the PC the display suddenly goess off and blinks and then I get an error "graphic card encountered error and has recovered".
While switching on the PC ,the display keeps blinking for around 20secs and then boots up .again after logging in I sometimes get a white screen after which I have to restart again.This restarting keeps happening for a few times before I can actually start using my PC. The disolay goess off even when using the pc but the cpu is runninh.I have tried reinstalling the OS, Changing my TDR value,also removed the graphics driver using DDU and clean installed the latest one but the problem still persists.I even rolled back to the old driver I got with my GPU but of no use. The PC works fine when i remove the GPU or when I connect my old geforce 210. But I have this problem when I connect my GTX 750. Is this a hardware or software issue ? Pls help me in resolving the issue. Thanks
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    try to disconect any graphic card that is now in ur case, then remove ur bios batery for 30 secs, and then try it.

    also check if ur bios have a new update
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