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Hello friends , I have an LCD aoc monitor , but when I start my machine the LED of the monitor keeps blinking with no pictures, and after 15 to 25 min it is on automatically , the timing is random....system checked , RAM checked, CMOS checked , no graphics card , help needed.....
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  1. can you try that monitor on another computer even a friend's to make certain that monitor is the issue?
  2. I checked , as u said but it's the same no change , even to test it , I remove the VGA connector , power supply is on , even the message "no signal" is not appearing, I think there is some problem within the monitor , is there anything I can do.........??
  3. what is the model# of that aoc monitor?
  4. TFT185W80PS
  5. as it appears to use a regular power cord not a power adapter then there is 2 boards in that monitor, video controller & the power board. I had a similar problem on my 19" Samsung Frankenstein monitor in that the power led would blink so I opened the monitor up & found a domed capacitor on the power board which I replaced.
  6. U must be professional in this field , I know what is capacitor but don't know how to change it, can I do it on my own, warranty period is over this...
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    on the monitors I'm self taught as my 19" Samsung Frankenstein monitor was my 1st monitor repair even tho I've been working in the electronics field for 30yrs. can do it on your own as long as has access to a soldering iron\solder gun & electrical solder not plumbing solder.
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