Can't get Firepro w4300 to Samsung 55" 4k only getting 1080p

I just got an HP desktop running Windows 10. The graphics card is an AMD Firepro 4300w which has four mini displayports. The display is a Costco Samsung 55" 4k tv. I have tried everything to get the monitor to display in 4K, but it only displays from the computer at 1080. The computer only sees the monitor as being capable of 1080. I have gone into the AMD utility to try to manually set a new profile for the screen at 3840x2160 and have reduced to 30 hz. I have also set the TV to have the HDMI source as "PC." But the AMD utlity says I can't do it and returns an error message. I know I am somewhat limited in the resolution I can get to the monitor because it only has HDMI in. I have seen a few posts where people have reduced to 30hz, which is fine for me because I am not doing gaming etc. Any help on how to make this happen? Am I stuck with cruddy resolution?
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  1. Quote:

    Quad HD display support (4K Support)

    4K (4096x2160pixel) support for ultra-high-resolution display devices and advanced configurations through DisplayPort 1.2 and AMD Catalyst Pro drivers ensure future-forward compatibility for advanced workflows.
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    Got it figured out. Needed:

    1) High quality MDP - HDMI cable specifically labelled "4K"
    2) Got into AMD firepro management app and changed monitor to custom display. The key inputs were 3840, 1620, CVT, and 24K hertz.
    3) Changed TV input type to "PC" using the down arrow on select source.

    Now it's awesome! A little slow for video, but that's what you get for the price.
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