Two pc's hooked up to one monitor, hit input switch and nothing happens.

I have two builds that I just hooked up to my acer monitor (it has a built in input switch button) and can't get a signal from the new vga connection. I hit the switch input button and the screen goes black and says vga in the top right, but then quickly goes back to the dvi connection. The dvi works, and the vga cable is secure at both ends. The vga connected PC does turn on, and though I haven't used it in a month I am fairly sure that all the components are working. I would try connecting the cable to the gpu instead of the mobo but there is no vga on my gpu.
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  1. Most video cards come with a DVI-I to VGA adapter. If you have onboard and dedicated, onboard may be disabled(but not always).

    I do not think it is a monitor issue. I have used many multi input screens with VGA/DVI/HDMI(hdmi was on later screens) without issues.
  2. The type of interface you have on your monitor.

    DVI-D or HDMI.

    And the two interfaces you have selected from each system will be the problem.

    For example you cannot cross a Vga 15 pin analog signal to a Digital input of a monitor.
    So if you have a Dvi or a Hdmi connector of digital to a switch box.
    To a digital input on a monitor such as Hdmi, or Dvi-D input port it will work.

    But if you feed an Analog signal from example a 15 Dsub type of connector from a Graphics card through a switch box to Digital Hdmi, Dvi-D input you will get no signal to the monitor.

    Vga analog cannot be crossed over to digital and vice versa.
    When using a switch box. Signaling and wiring differ.

    The result is you are left with a black screen or a message of no signal, or out of range message on your monitor when using the switching box.
  3. I think they are using the input selector on a monitor with DVI and VGA in, not an actual switch box.

    If not they would not get VGA at the top of the screen.
  4. nukemaster said:
    I think they are using the input selector on a monitor with DVI and VGA in, not an actual switch box.

    If not they would not get VGA at the top of the screen.

    Yeah, I am.
  5. Hey, the dvi converter worked, but I stupidly didn't think of this: I have one keyboard and mouse, is there a way to share them with both pc's without having to constantly switch what pc the keyboard and mouse are hooked up to? If not, what is the cheapest solution?
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    Use mouse without borders.

    This will allow swapping the keyboard and mouse from system to system. It will NOT swap media keys and volume keys(any special) however(or does not for me). I recommend setting it so you have to hold Control to move so avoid ending up on the wrong system by mistake.

    A hardware solution would be a sharing hub like this and a usb hub.

    You may still be able to fine things like this around.
    I have never used one from this site, but I have what looks EXACTLY(did wear out the buttons over years of use. Now it is just used as a 4 port hub) the same as well as 2 x 7 port versions(I like to have a spare) that have been discontinued.
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