Looking to buy a new monitor some time this month recommendations?

So im looking for a new monitor currently using two SyncMaster 226 BW , which are old but get the job done however im trying to get a new one for around $300-350 with 144hz , like my monitors slim about 27" maybe and was debating if i could get gsync if there since my setup is Intel/Nvidia
Any recommendations would greatly helps with a link please and thankyou
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  1. Anyone got recommendations would help out a lot since i dont know much about monitors
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    27", 144hz, and G-sync isnt going to happen at that budget. I think you'll need to prioritize a bit. G-sync seems to add a lot to the price. I just got my first G-Sync monitor last week and I'm impressed but don't know if you'd feel the same way for the cost. 27" and 144hz should be very doable.
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