How do I switch the default user from TEMp to my normal user name after I ugraded pto Windows 10?

Windows 10 Upgrade Issue
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  1. have you got a windows account? (one they have your email address for)

    You should be able to open start
    right click on your name & click change account settings
    Logon using Microsoft account or sign in using local account instead.

    Otherwise, this might help:
  2. I have to use this PC in local mode only. And I am logged in using a local account. All the information from when I had Windows 8 installed is still there if I go to C:/Users/Richb which is my old username. But none of the information in that sub-directory shows up when I login directly to Richb. I tried to copy my desktop from the Richb user to TEMP/Desktop. I rebooted and now I have a new user called TEMP.RB. And everything I had copied to Temp has disappeared and now my default user is TEMP.RB which is still empty. Any other suggestions?
    I just created another user with administrator privileges. I logged out and logged in as the new user. I can still access c:/Users/Richb. Now do I switch the default user from pointing to TEMP back to Richb?
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    What is likely the easiest approach is copy all the info you have in the old user onto a usb or something and reset windows 10 choosing to wipe everything. This will remove the users completely and you will need to start fresh with new users and programs. Clean installs always a good idea after an upgrade anyway.

    I can't find another approach. There is no merge accounts command, for instance
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