Just about to pick up an open-box SATA3 SSD. How can I test its quality before I bring it home?

Hello, I bought an open-box SATA SSD (AData Premier SP550 240 GB 2.5"). Though my card has been charged, I believe I have some time to test it before I'm stuck with it. So I ask:
what can I do to check the quality of the drive? Are there some programs I can run on it to test the quality/life of the SSD? Anything to test for internal damage or whatever?
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  1. You can use Crystal Disk Info to check the Health status. If it says good then their are not bad sectors or anything. Also it will show you the Power on Hours. if they are very little like a few hours i wouldn't worry about it. Sounds like someone bought it then didn't want it VS it not working.
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