Windows cannot be installed on this disk, the disk may fail soon

It all started when my pc running windows 10 started to get stuck in a automatic restore boot loop. I tried resetting my laptop to factory default settings but it always fails. After a day it no longer booted and only gave an error that a windows boot file is missing and that I needed to reinstall windows 10. I did that. I tried to reinstall windows 10 using a usb flashdisk. However, whenever I try to install windows to a disk it says that windows cannot be installed to this disk because the drive may fail soon. I tried to install windows to the backup hard drive that came with the laptop but it also shows the same problem. I need help please.
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  1. What brand drives are in your machine? If you don't know, what make/model is laptop?

    If you know who made them, go check the makers site and see if they have diagnostic software

    You should run drive testing software on them to confirm what windows is saying.
  2. My laptop is an asus. But how will I be able to run a diagnostic software if I can't boot to windows.
  3. i think you can boot off the tools themselves, I know you can with some.Problem is most of those are brand specific so i need to work out what type of drives you have.

    What model Asus? I don't think they make their own drives so need to see if i can work it out from the model. It may not be that easy though as their web site just shows capacities not names. Google can't help me without a code, and even then it may not.

    how old is the laptop? what sizes are the drives?
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    Another possibility

    Hi. Don't Panic!
    Some application may changed your hard drive to a dynamic drive. It has not any hardware problem and this problem can be solved.

    1. You should delete all your partitions and recreate and reformat your hard drive, But if you have any important data on your hard drive that you don't want to loose, you should first:

    -- Put an UBUNTU boot DVD on your laptop and boot it from LIVE mode, NOT the installing mode. After booting in live mode, you can have access to your drive and files, and easily copy them to a removable storage such as external hard drive, usb flash drive, etc.

    Then, reboot and do solution i wrote #1.

    The same thing happened to me, and i consulted to a very professional IT master. I solved my problem with this solution.
    Good Luck.

    it will save your files if nothing else.
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