Legacy PCI card is full height, but new machine has 1/2 height slots, must use current PCI card

HI all,

I'm in a bit of a situation, and I'm open to ideas here. Some background...

I'm doing a complete hardware refresh at a local dental practice for them. I'm down to the last PC, which is the workstation for the imaging equipment (xray machines). One of the xray machines is about 7 years old and interfaces with the workstation through a PCI card. This card is full height as it is now (the bracket, not sure of card actual height, I may have to go take another look), and must be used, as there is no other card available from the hardware vendor.

The problem is the new computer has a 1/2 height slot. So this card is about 1.5" too tall right now. I thought about replacing or removing the metal bracket from the card, which may be a possibility, if the card itself will fit in the new machine (trying to remember, I think it may be too tall on its own, regardless of the bracket). I also thought about an external PCI enclosure, but they seem to run around $300.

Then I saw right angle adapters, but I don't think that will work either, as the card will likely hit something else in the case. The new machine is a small form factor design.

This hardware swap has been a real pain. The PCI card only has 332 bit drivers and cannot be used on a 64 bit system, and only up to Windows 7. So that's what we're doing. It's end of life, but replacing the xray system just because of the card would cost around $40k. So that's not happening.

Any ideas on how I can get this to fit, either inside or outside in a more reaonsable enclosure?

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  1. Why not get a pc or case that it will fit into?
    Its either a new OEM pc, which you can return or exchange; or something you built and shouldn't have an issue changing the case to a mid tower.

    These are the cheapest and easiest solutions IMO.
  2. We've had all the new PCs for about 2 months now. Just getting to this one, the last one, now. Can't return it as its been too long. And it was $1000 so don't want to not use it either.

    Wish I caught this when I was spec'ing out the project.

    And since I didn't build it swapping the case isn't that easy either. Plus they are going for uniformity in how all the machines looks. The owner isn't overly concerned about a little extra costs as long as it works.

    The Cool Gear PCIe to 4 slot PCI enclosure looks like the only option. After thinking about it, the card itself is easily more than 2.5" high so swapping the bracket won't help the situation either.

    With the enclosure as long as the PC sees each legacy PCI card the same as it would if it was plugged right into the MOBO (this card shows as a sound, game controller) then it should work just fine. Hard to find reviews on it though.
  3. no other options that I am aware of either, good luck.
  4. I went with the CoolGear PCI adapter. Should arrive tomorrow.
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