Windows 10 DVR won't see game!

So Im trying to record a little monatge with Windows DVR just to try it out. On almost everygame I open it comes up this little box telling me how to record with DVR and all that, exept on SNOW. It wont see SNOW as a game and recording won't start (even if i press Win+G), no box comes up and all that.

How do I fix so DVR sees SNOW as a game?

(I know I can use other recording devices like OBS but I just want to see how good DVR compares.)
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    If the issue is with only one title you may find it helps to uninstall and reinstall it. You can have a go with this suggestion. Likewise see if a repair install fixes this issue. News across the www states that DVR isn't the best of tools to sue for recording.
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