Jpeg Files automatically opens with paint after domain migration

Hello all,

All this start after Windows 10 migration from one domain to other new domain, after migration season Windows 10 showing in computer some problems, the problem what I try describe are actual with photos .jpeg file images who automatically opens with paint.
I tried
- changing and set to by default programs to opens with Windows integrated toll photo viewer
- change photo with mouse right key and choose photo viewer
- with associate a file type change to opens photos with photo viewer but nothing??

Computer doesn't understand and I think user profile are a little damaged after migration to different domain name
Gays any idea how to set photo files automatically opens with windows photo integrated toll
Other problem in computers are been with pdf files, what I fixed self!! PDF files always opens with MS edge but I fix using old method uninstall previously adobe reader and install new adobe reader, then files are automatically self change to Adobe reader software and opens with pdf automatically and its fine.
I have a one good solution for all faults, delete and clean user profile who are in domain and re-create a new user, or is it other solutions how to do easiest and fastest ways? how to find solution? I upload a screenshot to see more details
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    How to Restore Default File Extension Type Associations in Windows 10...

    You can restore ALL file associations or scroll down the page and you'll see how-to restore just jpeg files.
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