Windows 10 BSOD Irql_not_less_or_equal - dump files pls help

I am getting BSOD... can not figure it out. Uninstalled many drivers. Checked system files for corruption.

I can not view the dump files. If anyone has the ability to understand these dump files please point me in the right direction. Your help is appreciated. Thanks
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    Update Poweriso, this SCDEmu.SYS that belongs to it is 9 yrs old. Old drivers can crash windows

    Possible this Easeus program is causing a crash. See if there's an update for it

    Avast can cause one of the stop errors (0x3b)

    It looks like one of these stop errors APC_INDEX_MISMATCH can be caused if you've installed ram that the system doesnt support.

    Or you've overclocked the ram in the BIOS, and the mhz is too high. And the system doesnt support it / can't handle it

    Did you do this?

    See if there are any updates on the Intel site for the Intel network adapter. This file e1e6032e.sys is 5 yrs old

    Is Adobe Drive installed? If it is see if there's an update. This adfs.SYS is 8 yrs old

    Was Windows 10 a clean install or did you upgrade from Windows 7, 8?
  2. Hi Paul,

    Thanks for the response. I will remove those programs all together and see how it runs. The RAM is overclocked a bit but has been for years... from windows 7 through the upgrade... extensive testing for stability has been conducted on ram.

    Even with the recent stability issue memtest still passes. I will check the rest of those issues and report back.

    This install was an upgrade from windows 7 a few months ago... ran good until last week. I removed the recently installed updates and programs still crashing. I will try the advice above and report back. Thanks Again!
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