Slow Boots on SSD, System32 missing Blue Screens, Explorer.exe not responding, Reapiring Drive C

So lately, my start up is taking a long time to load. My SSD write speeds are on par. Sometimes when I boot my computer 3 things can happen:

* At the bios boot screen, it will say scanning and repairing drive C

* Immediate blue screen at boot claiming system 32 is missing. After 1 or 2-3 hard resets, my computer is fine again.

* Computer boots to desktop, but I get the blue loading curser circle instead of my regular mouse pointer for a good 10 minutes before it says explorer.exe is not responding. After a couple more minutes my computer is fine.

Sometimes, my computer boots fine like nothing is wrong, but mostly issue number 3 is the most common followed by number 2

I have windows 10 PRO. I have ranned repairs on my OS SSD with the disk repair tool provided my windows and a command prompt Sfc /scannow and this is what I get.

I don't understand any of this, so hopefully someone can.

* Disk repair Tool Results -->(

Note that this error is almost always present after every restart or fresh boot

* sfc /scannow Results ----> (

*different links due to file size limits*

This has been driving me crazy for almost a week. Last resort would be a clean install

EDIT: Today is the first time that I notice that on everything I try to open, it takes around 10-20 seconds to come through and my search icon on my taskbar is not working. Nothing happens when I try to click it.
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  1. How old is the ssd. Looks like the system is corrupt. You may have no option but to do a clean install
  2. Paul NZ said:
    How old is the ssd. Looks like the system is corrupt. You may have no option but to do clean install

    SSD is about 1.5 years old. ADATA SP600 128GB
  3. And if it is old, I'd buy a new SSD and keep the old one on there just as a flash storage device.
  4. Is the firmware on it up to date?
  5. Paul NZ said:
    Is the firmware on it up to date?

    Yes it is
  6. Also just to check how full is the drive.
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