Win10 crash with graphic artifacts - now can't start PC


First time poster here.

As this is a lengthy post, here's a tl;dr:
Playing games which crashed with graphical artifacts. Restarting game resulting in the same and a 3rd time caused the PC to crash as well. Loading the PC after crash gave vertical line artifacts. Next time I attempted to start the PC I was unable to get into OS and instead got to 'recovery mode', but screen still had artifacts even during boot sequence. I'm able to enter the OS in safe mode and after disabling graphics drivers, however still with the artifacts (short black vertical lines)

Long version:
Yesterday, after months without issue, I got a crash while playing Fallout 4. The crash came with the screen 'glitching' and the graphics going haywire (seemed like each pixel got maxed as Red, Green or Blue or something). After the game crashed I got the very standard Nvidia kernel stopped responding (can't remember the exact wording) for driver 361.75

After the crash, I tried to launch the game again: it loaded up fine, got just past where the crash happened last time and same crash once more. This time tried to reboot and update Graphics driver, but once again once the game ran for a short until the same crash occurred, however this time the PC also crashed and when I had rebooted I also had artifacts across the screen. It wasn't as severe as during the game, however horizontal lines of alternating RGB pixels were spread across the screen.

Next crash occurred while opening Chrome to search for a fix, and the next crash after that just as I got into the OS. Rebooting after the last crash also left me unable to enter the OS again as I would get a Blue Screen (not of death) saying something went wrong and giving me options to continue or restart. A few tries later and a new Blue Screen gave me 'It looks like Windows didn't load correctly' with the options to See Advanced Options or Restart PC.

After trying a few things, and hearing that a reinstall of Windows might help, I waited over the night and tried just that this morning - first a reset (keeping personal files, but getting rid of everything else) and then a clean reset. Both with the same outcome, as you can see in the following video:

The video is cut short before entering the OS to protect my family's privacy, but the black vertical lines are present also in the OS.

Interestingly enough, with the reset of Win10, I could get in to the OS, however as soon as my Internet connection came back (another issue) and Windows updated my graphic drives (to Nvidia 355.?? I believe) I once again was unable to get into the OS after a reboot - see the 'screenshot' from above.

I've seen some similar issues, but none that seems to be of the same extent as this - with the PC crashing and unable to get back into the OS.

Have anyone else seen something like this? Does anyone have any clues of what might be the cause? Is it the Graphics card that's gone bust?

CPU: Intel Core I5-6600K Bx, Sockel 1151
GPU: Gigabyte GeForce 560 Ti (not 100% certain if it's GTX Ti, but it's a GB GF 560)
MB: ASUS Z170 PRO Gaming (1151, ATX, DDR4)
RAM: Vengeance LPX 8GB (1 x 8GB) DDR4 DRAM 2400MHz C14

Any help greatly appreciated, even if it's just to confirm that the GPU needs replacing.


EDIT** Forgot to mention that the horizontal lines also appear when running in Safe mode and after disabling driver for my graphics card:

EDIT2** I have also tried to disable Graphics Driver while in Safe Mode and restart. This allowed me to get into the OS, however the artifacts are still present.

EDIT3** I just noticed that the artifacts are appearing and disappearing as I do things on the computer. When I move the mouse around, more black lines appears, but when I hover over icons the artifacts covering that icon will disappear. Video

EDIT4** Added tl;dr summary at the top
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  1. First try and disable the automatic device driver update feature which seems apparent that the OS is trying to download it's finding of an update meant for your GPU that is causing this issue.

    Second, can you please include your full systems specs? I'm leading to believe that the card may be damaged though now that you've included the fact that a reset of Windows 10 causes the issue to wain but come back after internet connectivity is established. make sure your BIOS is up to date, inclusive of your remaining device drivers.

    Third, rule out your GPU being defective after all these years of use by asking a friend to let you borrow a GPU of the same brand(if possible same model) and the Nvidia drivers should be a watered down version just for troubleshooting purposes though yo should move with this guide to reinstalling your GPU drivers asap.
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