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I recently upgraded my computer's GPU, PSU and RAM. Before I purchased these upgrades, my monitor display was impecable with the GT 530 through a VGA cable, as my monitor has only one VGA port. There was a quick sale on a online shop so I purchased a r9 390, which only had HDMI, DVI-D and a display port, so I needed to get an active adaptor to be able to connect it to my monitor. Meanwhile I used a small HDTV as a monitor, not ideal but it served its purpose while the adaptor didn't arrive. Last week I received it on the mail, and when I plugged it in, the display and the monitor look a LOT blurry and nothing like it used to look before. I've tried switching VGA cables, power cords, restarting everything, but had no success, it just keeps looking blurry.

I think I should also mention that my monitors native resolution matches my system resolution (1920x1080)
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    That's the downside of having to use a digital-out (your R9 ports) to analog-in (your monitor port) adapter.

    You need a new monitor whose inputs (or at least one of them) matches those on your R9 card so it's clean digital out & digital in with no adapters.
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