No audio enchancment options for sound?

Hi all,

Model: Lenovo z50-70

OS: Windows 10 64bit

Drivers: Conexant smart audio HD

The picture below pretty much sums up my problem, in all previous versions of windows i have had this tab enabled with various options to further enchanement any sound i hear with my headphones.

However, it seems dolby has it's own horrible version (unless im using it wrong) as a headphone user i find the sound to be a lot worse in quality with dolby's enchancments, in fact when i switch it off the sound is way better.

Can anyone please help me?

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  1. According to your product's support site there are a number of updates available for your unit including a BIOS update. Is your BIOS and related device drivers up to date? You can try and install your Audio drivers under compatibility mode:
    Right click installer>Properties>Compatibility Tab>Windows 7/8 [from drop down menu]

    Might I assume that you've worked your way onto Windows 10 via the free upgrade path from 8 or 7?
  2. Indeed, i updated from windows 8 to 10 for free last august. My BIOS and drivers are up to date, however i shall try and see if installing the sound drivers under compat mode will work.
  3. Anyone?
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