AMD Radeon R7 200

I have been using the Radeon R7 200 with my HP w2338h desktop monitor with one HDMI output and the other connected to an HDMI input on a Emotiva UMC-1 processor and then the HDMI out on the UMC-1 to the Vizio. This combination works fine.

If I try to run the the HDMI out from the R7 200 directly to the Vizio, the desktop image is shown on both the HP and the Vizio but all the desktop icons are minimized. Is there some way to change the R7 200 setting so that I can view both the Vizio and the HP?
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    When you say "minimized" do you mean "smaller"? How the icon looks depends on the resolution you are using. When using clone mode, the displays will run at the same resolution, so if both displays are 1920x1080 resolution, great. If they are different resolutions there will be issues. If you want two displays to run at their native resolution, you need to use extended mode which shows different things on each monitor.
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