Drivers corrupted after Driver Booster install, cannot detect second HDD

Hey would mean everything if someone could help me out. My drivers failed to install correctly, my computer black-screened during the install of them when I was using Driver Booster. Now my PC isn't detecting my second HDD. It is in BIOS, but not in Device Manager. It is not showing up in all utilities, even if I show hidden ones. The stupid program didn't create a backup and I can't tell for sure what drivers it has broken. I think some were Human Interface Devices, Universal Serial Bus Controllers, some SATA controllers and some others, can't tell. It also isn't showing up where you format and partition drives, windows just straight up can't detect that it is connected. I have tried Windows Repair, didn't work. I can't find any info, I don't have a way to roll-back. Will resetting my PC even work? Now I can't access my main drive, how can I reset these basic drivers without being able to rollback? I have seen some mention of uninstalling drivers such as...

"I had similar problem wiith my added disk drive when I upgraded. Don't know if this will help you or not, but I had to go to device manager IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers and delete all ATA channels, back out and restart. Let Windows find all ATA devices and there were both my disk drives. hope this helps you."

But I am not certain whether it is safe to uninstall that driver or others. It would mean the world if someone could help me out. All my files are on that drive, I can't find any thorough advice short of one-sentence suggestions. If it helps, my PC now cant detect my on-board SSD too and it cannot detect my CD-ROM too.

Anyone know some solutions?

EDIT: Would resetting my BIOS reset the those base drivers? I'm unsure whether to try that, might cause more harm than good?
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    Avoid anything from Iobit theyre crap. If you want drivers, either get them through windowsupdate. Or the manufacturer's site

    Look in disk management. If its here and unallocated then it maybe empty. You need to format it
  2. Already tried that. It isnt there, no show. :(
  3. Alright I fixed the problem. Snappy Driver allowed me to reinstall the drivers I needed, FYI for anyone else.
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