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I updated to windows 10 a week ago and its been a horrible experience so far. As Soon i installed it i had almost 100% cpu usage cause of a program called system diagnostic service policy. Once I disabled it everything was normal. Next thing is I cant play any game without stutter. My FPS is at 60 and drops down to 15-20 for a couple of seconds and back to 60. I did 4 fresh installs, scanned for viruses and malware, updated the bios, GPU drivers, Windows Update etc. There has been no change to the hardware other than changing the OS. I never had a problem with stutter before upgrading to windows 10(was using 8.1 previously). Anyone have any suggestions?

System Specs:
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    What was your OS prior? Have you tried ruling out a corrupt installer by recreating your bootable USB isntaller? I've noticed you are in possession of an Nvidia GPU, have you tried reverting to a prior stable version of your GPU drivers? Since the FPS will be due to a GPU driver issue. Follow up on this guide to re-install your GPU drivers.

    The high CPU/memory usage can come about due an anomaly in the OS and its process. Have a go with a repair install and perhaps take a look at this article later on.
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