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Hi all, I recently upgraded my Hard Drive with an Samsung SSD Drive evo 850 for my operating system and programs. I placed the secondary drive to host my file folders. Somehow in the mist of trying to automatically port my default Document, Downloads, Pictures,Videos and Music Folder to the secondary drive, my Music folder name changed to (Document) as you can see on the image with the arrow pointed to it. So far no problem other then IT BOTHERS THE HECK OUT OF ME THAT THE NAME ISN'T MUSIC ANY MORE. Microsoft tech support is useless as they couldn't figure it out. I'm sure one or you out there might have the answer for me . Now i tried to right click it and in the General tab it shows the name Document greyed with the music symbol out, so i can't change it. Please help.....
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    Would creating a new folder called "Music". Before SSDs existed, we always had a separate OS partition on the HD. In 30 years of using and building computers, never placed a file in a "default" folder and and never installed anything into ProgramFiles. Ofc sometimes the program files can't be avoided as some vendors, even if you install the program to another partition, wills till stick "common files" in programfiles.

    I just like making my own decisions on where things will go .... unless my wife tells me otherwise of course :)
  2. No doesn't help when i try to create new folder with the name Music I get prompted that a folder already exist by that name do i want to overwrite it, i click yes and presto nothing changes :(
  3. Not sure what i just did but now the music folder and document folder both changed names to Music so now i have to Music folders ??? the seem to be link somehow ?? so now my problem is my document folder is now labled Music ??
  4. Create new one called Documents ?

    Try looking here.... saw it pointed to by MS support for a user w/ similar question
  5. hmmm nice find, but doesn't tell me how to change name ??
  6. That's the closet thing I could find. We have advised our users not to upgrade to Win 10, at least for now, and we have no machines here that I can test with. Perhaps ask on
  7. Good find, it seems to be a windows problem as a whole not only windows 10.. I see a lot of people complaining about duplicate folders appearing on their file explorer. I'm sure there has to be a fix out there somewhere..
  8. I need a solution for this too, this is bothering me so much. I accidentally picked my pictures folder as the location for my Music folder. My Music folder (still has a music folder icon) is now named and essentially another another shortcut into my pictures folder. I've tried tried searching for a solution but still nothing. It's like my music folder has completely disappeared from my PC.
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