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First off, I am aware that this set up is not going to play new games @ 1080 Ultra. After reading about SteamOS I pulled these parts out of the closet with the hopes that I might play Half Life 2 on my 65 in. Mitsubishi.

Athlon 64 X2 6000+ (125W version)
2Gb DDR2
30Gb Corsair SSD
120Gb HDD
9800GTX+ 1Gb

To make sure everything was functioning properly I installed Ubuntu 14.04 and it is running great. However, when I try to boot from a thumbdrive to install SteamOS, I get an error saying "remove media and press any button to restart." I know in the system requirements for Steam OS it says something about making sure UEFI is enabled, but this motherboard only has an older BIOS. Is that what is holding me back?
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    You can check this out, maybe it will be helpful:

    It seems that on Valves site, there are only instructions for UEFI so maybe something in the above post link will get you there.
  2. Thanks for the link, I am getting a lot further than I did before. I couldn't get it to boot from USB with the bootable image, but I was able to burn the .iso and it picked that up.

    However, now it is hanging up while installing the OS. It makes it though partitioning the disk, but then stops while it is copying the system files. I tried it 3 times and I believe that each time the error begins when it was loading drivers for the video card. Any ideas from there?

    Again thanks, like I said this is progress.
  3. Hmm, after some googling around, it seems that people have trouble installing with older graphics cards. What "older" exactly means I'm not sure.

    I found this that might help:

    I'm a bit out of my territory here, just googling. I don't have a spare hard drive to experiment with or I would install SteamOS and try it with you. I just run Mint KDE and the steam client rather than SteamOS itself.
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