How to know if my PC is running to its full potential.

Guys I just building this PC is there any ways to see if my PC is running to its full potential. How do I see if everything's working properly because I have my operating system installed on my SSD but it just doesn't seem like this PC is running well, it's not supper quick, I tried to restart it and it got stuck in the restart screen, just looking for some ways to check if this system is running right. Thanks
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  1. System specs?
  2. Did you install all the drivers?
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    Check this thread for advice and suggested informative software that may help diagnose if the computer is working properly. Take a screenshot of the software results sheet and upload it to an image sharing website and post the image link here.

    EDIT: Also check the Windows Control Panel > Power Options > Power Plans... the default Plan is the Balanced plan, you may want to try tht High Performance Plan to see if it makes a difference... The BIOS also has Power Saving settings that you may want/or have to disable for best performance... those settings may be influenced by the Windows power options settings so set the Windows settings first, and later check if the BIOS settings are according to Windows.

    To know where in the BIOS to find the Power Saving settings, Download the motherboard and BIOS manual from the motherboard manufacturer product page > Support > Downloads.
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