1080P Video Quality On 1440P Monitor

Hey everybody, now I probably know this question has been asked before but this is a slightly different question I'm asking here.
Ok, I just received an ASUS PB258Q 25" 1440p (2560x1440) monitor for christmas & it looks pretty nice in color and resolution for a 1440p monitor, but since I'll be uploading to YouTube, I record videos with my Samsung HMX-W300 which records 1080p video & since I'll be editing 1080p videos with a video editor I want to make sure it looks clear & fine, but the thing is will the 1080p videos at 1440p look all grainy & have noise, or will it look clear & fine? I want to make sure that when I upload 1080p content to youtube, that it looks great & clear to the users who are watching it & for me as well.
I also noticed that 1440p is not really considered a video standard resolution on YouTube, so I hope this wasn't a waste of money. I wanted to try out 1440p for once since I moved away from a
19" Acer X193W (1440x900) monitor.
Thank you.
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  1. Your video quality will not be affected by your monitor, but by how you record. If you record at 1080p you will get that same quality as you did before. No worries
  2. So basically if I view a recorded 1080p video at 1440p resolution it just looks like how it was originally? Cause I was thinking if I viewed a recorded 1080p video at 1440p in fullscreen, it would've been upscaling it to fit my monitor & might have been some loss in video quality compared to viewing a 1080p video on a native 1080p monitor.
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