how to fix ACPI-BIOS-ERROR in window 10

I have a hp laptop that does not start up and says its acpi-bios-error and it restarts itself but the result is still the same after it restarts
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  1. Hi,

    First try to reseat the CMOS battery inside the laptop or better yet replace it with a new one. If that doesn't work test each memory by booting it up 1 RAM at a time (if you have 2 RAM). Lastly try updating BIOS, check HP's support site for the latest BIOS update there is and install it.
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    you will have to reset the bios to defaults or try to update it. If you update the bios and can boot Windows you should also update the motherboard drivers from the vendor.

    Maybe try:
    Turn off laptop
    Plug laptop into power outlet
    Press and hold the Windows key and the b key then press and hold the power button for three seconds.
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