Need tips on building a good 1080p gaming PC

Hello, as the title says, i'd like some suggestions about how can i build a 1080p gaming PC:

Before anything, thanks to everyone that will help me !
I am sticking to 1080p, because in my opinion, anything higher is kinda unnecessary.

My budget is about 2000$ - 2600$, but i am not looking forward to build something overkill, i'd like to save as much as i can.

-GPU: GTX 980 or 970 or 780, Some say the 980 is overkill for 1080p, but the 970's 3.5gb vram will be a slight problem.

-CPU: I have completely no idea, i just need a good cpu for gaming, nothing extreme, so please suggest me on that.

-STORAGE: Is 1TB of HDD enough ? i never owned an HDD higher than 300GB, so i'd like a suggestion there as well. Tho i am thinking of putting 2TB's. Also not planning on getting SSD, HDD is good enough, i can wait an extra 10 seconds in loadings.

-RAM: RAM is cheap, so i'd stick to 16 gigs of RAM, but honestly is 16 gb of ram really worth it over 8 gb ?

Thank you so much for reading this !
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  1. $2000-$2600 in USD? If so, that's way more than you need to spend for a 1080p rig. Unless you're including OS and all peripherals and/or an SSD.

    On HDDs, a 1TB drive will fill up fairly fast anymore, but give you better speed and reliability than the 2-4GB ones.

    At that price you could afford a pretty good SSD, which is nice for at the very least OS and programs. Some buy the 256 or even 512GB ones to store some games on them too, but it's not that big a difference from HDDs unless you play online a lot or games that load levels very slowly.

    You might see a scant few games here and there perform better on and SSD, but it's almost always considered texture streaming problems with the game that the more responsible devs will usually try to fix via a patch.

    As for RAM, 8GB suffices for most games, but 16GB is nice to have for when games launch with memory leaks, which is getting common.
  2. Are these American, Canadian or Australian dollars?

    2000 american will let you build the best you possibly could given any amount of money really.
    2000, CAD or AUS is quite a bit less impressive.
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