60 fps on a 4k tv using 1080p?

So i bought a 55 inch phillips 4k tv for pc gaming recently and its great but i noticed that my dual 980Ti's cant allways reach 60 fps on max settings when i use 4k resolution (like crysis 3) so i tryed to set my resolution to 1080p or 1440p but since its not native resolution i guess,it locks the max fps to 30.In battlefield 4 there is the resolution scale option in the settings menu so i can turn it down a bit if id need to and still get 60 fps but all games dont have the manual resolution scale setting available. So is there any way to lower the resolution on a 4k tv in games but Still get the 60 fps in games that Dont have the resolution scale option?
I did buy a high speed hdmi 2.0 cable and i have tryed turning Vsync and AA off and id rather fiddle with the resolution a bit than turn down actual graphics quality.

Im running 1330mhz OC 980ti sli,6700k 4,7ghz cpu,windows 10 pro and i have a Z170a gaming pro mobo with 16 gb ddr4 ram.

And this is the tv

Any help is apperciated,thx :)
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    One a 4k screen 1080 will be essentially native, as the display output will put a single pixel over exactly 4 on the screen. 1440 or anything else won't.

    Regardless of what resolution you run, it shouldn't tie it to any fps. You may have to check your output settings in control panel.

    At the end of the day, you're probably better off running 4k, and turning down the settings a little.
    Bone head move running 1080 with 2x980ti's, or non-native resolution.
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