Trouble dual booting Ubuntu 15.10 & Windows 10

I've been trying to get Ubuntu to install for about 2 days straight now but no matter what I do, I can't seem to get it to work. I'm not entirely sure what to post here to make my problem as clear as possible so I'm going to try and answer questions to the best of my ability. The first issue that I had was that when booting, it would give me no option to choose between Ubuntu and windows 10 at all, it would just boot to windows. So after some searching around people said to make sure to turn off legacy, I did that (I think) and then I couldn't switch the boot order anymore, it just went to the boot manager, so I cant use the "Boot Repair Disk" that someone else recommended that I try. I eventually got to grub, by booting from the Ubuntu disk again, somehow but at that point the screen freezes, my keyboard and mouse don't turn on and after about 10 seconds the screen shuts off but the computer remains on. Again, I'm not sure what specifically to put here to help make it clearer, if there is anything else, please let me know. Thanks for your time!
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    Have a go through this, this and this and see if it brings about any progress for you. Is it possible for you to pass on your full systems specs? Have you also made sure your installer/installations for both Ubuntu and Windows aren't corrupt?
  2. What is your BIOS boot order? You want to have it set to the Ubuntu partition. From GRUB2 you can boot into Windows or Linux at your choice.
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