Windows could not load properly after disk cleanup

I have an HP-15. I bought my laptop September this year and upgraded to windows 10. Fast forward, I downloaded ccleaner to get rid of the old windows installation and I ran it. I basically only got rid of temp files, cache, browsing history and the old windows installation. With an act of utter stupidity I deleted the only restoration point I had. After the cleanup was complete I restarted my pc. Then the hp logo showed up and the loading wheel showed up underneath but then it was a blank black screen. After shutting it off and restarting a few times there was a blue screen and it said "Windows did not load properly" and I had two options "Advanced repair options" and "restart your pc". I used startup repair but it said it "could not diagnose my pc". I tried rebooting it into safe mood but the same thing happened: it showed the hp logo and the black screen afterwards. I then gave up and tried to reset my pc but keeping my personal files. After reaching 55% it said "Resetting your pc failed, nothing was changed". What should I do now? I am very, very upset. I spent so much of my savings to buy this laptop and now I am absolutely heartbroken. Also I need to work ASAP on my laptop. Please help. SOS
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    You could do a clean reinstall of Windows 10 with a Win10 installation USB drive or DVD with the media creation tool ( but I don't know if you'll be able to save your files (I usually do a clean wipe of everything).
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