Now after supossedly fixing my other kernal power state error (I had the CPU FAN plugged into SYS FAN1) I got two of these.
Here are the drivers that seem to be causing the issue if you could please HELP ME, that would be greatly appreciated
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  1. Classpnp.sys is windows library of hardware or plug and play devices connected to your system.

    The most common reason why you can get the classpnp.sys error can be due to if the windows system was installed with another motherboard and it was changed and the drive that contains the working os was used with another motherboard in it`s place where the chip set of the motherboard may differ slightly.

    Each bit of hardware connected to the motherboard has a unique hardware code that identify it`s self stored in the classpnp. sys file.

    The Ntoskrnl.exe file is what all other commands through windows pass through being the main kernal of the os.

    If you have had this problem for a while or you have changed your motherboard over, and used a prior installation of windows that was installed with a different motherboard prior to it.

    It is the whole reason as to why you are getting the problems you are seeing.

    You are required to always do a fresh install of windows if you replace a motherboard or a cpu for windows to work right without producing errors as you are seeing.
  2. Alright, after a week I have figured it out. Thank God. I had to update my mobo bios, and so far so good.
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