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The problem I am facing is that my audio directly goes to my Realtek digital output instead of my USB headphones. When I open the volume mixer the headphones show the application that is playing sound but digital output also shows the program but displays the green bar signifying that sound is playing. I have tired setting the headphones as the default audio output device and reinstalling my realtek drivers. Nothing has worked. How do I get the audio to play to the headphones?

Please help!!!
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    Do try these troubleshooting steps that may do the trick.
    - Go to Device Manager and uninstall the sound card driver.
    - Reboot your PC once uninstalled and that should reinstall the driver automatically and if doesn't download and install the latest driver there is.
    - Also if your headphone came in with a CD Driver, uninstall the old driver you've installed and install the driver once again.
    - Reboot your PC for all the changes to take effect.
    - After the reboot open Playback Devices again and make sure to set your USB Headset as the default sound device.
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